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Specializing in custom made orthopedic shoes since 1955

Afana Pouliot is the reunion of Afana custom made orthopedic shoes of Winnipeg and Pouliot Orthopedic of Quebec. Together, Afana Pouliot is totally dedicated to providing Custom Made Orthopedic Footwear. Our services are for those who cannot fit any "off the shelf" footwear, even modified. 

We are an entirely Canadian company, owned and operated by foot professionals and mastershoemakers. We have achieved a unique mix of the latest technology and the finest craftmanship.

We have built a good strong reputation based on the quality of our products, the expertise of our staff and the excellence of our service. We are the preferred provider for the Canadian Department of National Defence, making all footwear to specifications set out by DND for their members who have special footwear needs. Also, we are approved providers for many public and private vendors, insurers and compensation programs.

Our Objective

Afana Pouliot wants to ensure that only qualified individuals are looking after your needs. In the field all of our affiliates are qualified professionals, such as general practioners, orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists, orthotists, prosthetists, pedorthists, chiopodists, foot nurses and other alike. Our common goal is to provide you with superior quality custom made footwear which you can aquire either directly from us or through one of our professionals in your area.

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Presentation About Afana Pouliot

"We are proud providers for the Canadian Department of National Defence"

Samples from our Catalogue

Afana Pouliot : competence, skill, experience and professionalism.

  • I wanted to thank you for the invitation to the Molding & Casting demonstration. I have been a foot care nurse for 22 years and knew of this work but I can't tell you how valuable this demonstration was, to actually see the technology and process of how a "real person" is fitted and measured is so valuable. My hope is that we can work together and perhaps set up another similar demonstration in the future for a larger group of foot care nurses.

    . . .
    Pat MacDonald
  • I have been very impressed with the service of Afana Pouliot. The quality of the custom made shoes is exceptional and their attention to detail is very much appreciated by both myself, and my clients. I have found their service to be timely and their staff to be very knowledgeable. I feel very confident using Afana-Pouliot for all of my custom footwear needs.

    . . .
    Christie Chandler
  • After our first visit to your office and meeting Karen,Helene and Elizabeth my husband and I considered ourselves fortunate to having been referred there. Everyone involved has been extremely helpful and considerate in getting me the right product. A special thanks to Elizabeth for all the time and effort she put in to create this custom product...

    . . .
    Bev Stonehouse

Meet Our Team

Karen Henry
National Public Relations Representative

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Hélène Bisson
Afana Pouliot - Co-Owner

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Marc A. Bisson
Afana Pouliot - Co-Owner

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Our Incredible Team

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Karen Henry

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