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At Afana Pouliot we specialize in manufacturing custom made footwear for specific needs of individuals with structural foot deformities and special mechanics deficiencies. We are an entirely Canadian company, owned and operated by foot professionals and mastershoemakers. We have achieved a fantastic mix of the latest technology and the finest craftmanship. 

Please feel free to view our catalog of our custom made orthopedic footwear by clicking here.

Afana Pouliot wants to make sure that only qualified people are looking after your needs. That is why all of our Affiliates and Wholesalers are foot professionals, such as; 

  • -General Practioners
  • -Orthopedic Surgeons
  • -Podiatrists
  • -Orthotists
  • -Prosthesis’s
  • -Pedorthists
  • -Chiropodists
  • -Foot Nurses
  • -Health Care Providers

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Custom Made Footwear - Afana Pouliot 1-866-297-2817

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Custom Made Footwear - Afana Pouliot

We have been servicing clients for the last 60 years and we can assure you that our main goal is to satisfy your needs and that of your clients.

National Public Relations Representative

Karen Henry

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